Dwan! Where Have You Been???

Simply put


My computer died, I had to purchase another one and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.. Having your computer die on you is like losing a pet or like accidental fire in your home! I mean once I realized she was dead and not just resting, I ran straight to the emergency room also known as the nearest Geek Squad to have her assessed and to receive a diagnosis of her debilitating condition. Come to find out, it was too late!

I’m still going through the grieving process while trying to build a new relationship with my new computer Petey.  Petey comes with the new Windows 8, if you’ve read any reviews on the Window 8, you can imagine the frustration I go through trying to build a rapport. ( I usually skip visual tutorials and just press buttons so I can get lost and work my way back to where I want to be, just like moving to a new city).

So that’s where I’ve been, out with the old and in with the new!  Everything happens for a reason.


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