my hair at its best. full and stretched for like 4 days

my hair at its best. full and stretched for like 4 days

Who am I? Who am I? That’s a great question! A question I believe will take a lifetime to answer because I’m forever evolving. The only thing constant about me is that I change. My attitude changes, my hair definitely changes, my location changes every few years, my interest change, hell even my weight changes. but I’ll explain who I am today, check again tomorrow I may make a few more changes LOL. Nothing about me is wishy washy, I just always try to improve myself.

I’m currently a Counselor working with children in the Richmond Public School System. Know there is an emphasis on the word “Currently” because these children are off the chain I tell you!!!! I have earned two college degrees; an Undergraduate Degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters of Education Degree in Counselor Education. I mentioned in a previous post I’m looking to begin a Doctoral Degree in Education by the end of the year. I occupy my time outside of work by cooking, dancing, praising Jesus at the church house, improving my hair care practice, parlaying with my sorors ZZZZ-Phi! reading good books all for pleasure, dating every now and then, going to the movies, testing out new restaurants, hopefully increase my world travels, and just trying to be a good person by helping others, oh and I also stalk Beyonce via social media websites.

If you need to sum me up in a few words, I’m sorta like Rihanna almost care free, loud, and out there but with a Beyonce demeanor. If you ever see me do anything somewhat obsurd and outrageous, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I thought it through before doing so. I say I’m a mix of the old and new because I’m an 80’s baby. I remember not having internet or cellphones, I also had a childhood where you were made to go outside and play until the streetlights came on and you were called in for dinner; but I’m also glued to my smartphone. I’m single, young, ambitious, achieving my goals one at a time, still respectful to my elders but will shut anyone down who is trying to bring me grief and strife. I’m not an “independent woman”, I dont need a man but I want one, eventually. I want kids but don’t want to be a baby-momma. I still believe in the institute of Marriage. Still believe that believing in GOD is important. Sex before marriage is a sin, but I’m guilty of it. I’m a mix of the old and new because I want a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 but I still love the smell of the Public Library, I still want to go and check out library books. I love the library. I like holding the book in my hand and switching to 8 different positions as I read on my bed. I could and have read many books in one day. I still believe a woman should be submissive to her husband, but don’t believe a woman should be submissive to any man. I think women should still have babies if they can, I know there’s a new breed of women who don’t want to have children. I’m like a really great mom-and-pop restaurant that just opened up downtown in a really fancy space with upgraded fixtures and a really nice paint job.

blowdried and tucked away hair

blowdried and tucked away hair

That’s me! Who are you?


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