Restaurant Review: Geechee Girl Rice Cafe, Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA

restaurantGeechee Girl Rice Cafe is a small quaint restaurant that has lots of character, comforting music, and a really warm atmosphere. I found this restaurant on the tizzzzzube (TV) while watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Chef Guy Fieri as the host. If you haven’t seen this show you are truly missing out or just go buy the book or visit the website. ( any hooo… So i was already planning to visit my family in Philadelphia at the end of the week, soooo obviously there was no question as to whether I was supposed to visit and experience this restaurant for myself and then share it with you.  OBVIOUSLY this is what the Lord had planned for me to do!

I grabbed my homegirl aka My Momma and after she got off work Thursday we popped in. Thursday evening around 6pm, visualize three people waiting for their take-out orders and only one group actually dining in. But let me add by the time we perused the menu and received our drinks the dinner rush began, so we just beat the evening dinner traffic.  So remember that they do accept reservations and if it’s too packed for your liking order it To Go!



geechy girls on the wall

Setting: the restaurant sits right inside the historic shopping area of Germantown where all the nifty shops are; eateries, pubs, retail stores, ice cream parlors, whatever you can think of… on-street parking is available, let me add the street material is cobblestone, so ladies be mindful when stepping out in your stilettos, some walking may be required if the space in front of the restaurant is taken. you’re welcome





window seat

There is a large picturesque window at the front of the restaurant that’s really nice to people-watch and brings great light into the restaurant and as the sun goes down it can be very nice environment to enjoy when you’re in one of those moods where you aren’t ready to go home but you’re not really trying to go out!  you feel? I know you do!  Walls are a great butterscotch warm burnt yellow-orange colour and there are nifty pictures on the wall of possible family members are more appropriately “geechy girls” as well as tribal printed cloth that is hung on the walls.  The individual  wooden table settings can accommodate one person to four people without manipulation easily, but of course they can accommodate a large party when necessary.  There was music playing and I want to say it was jazz or maybe an oldie but goodie like Anita Baker or Regina Belle type music playing.




Lets get down to the food!  Which you know is my FAVVVVVVVorite part!   dinner menu

They offer daily and weekly specials such as Fried Chicken Wednesdays. They cater and they offer brunch specials. This is definitely a 1-stop shop! they have homemade drink specials such as Peach Lemonade, Watermelon-lime agua fresca, the title alone quenches my thirst in this scorching summer heat!  So check out the website ( You’re Welcome!



I ordered a diverse array of “starters” because I don’t like to limit myself to one entree when I’m trying to get a feel of a new restaurant.  I ordered  CRISPY HOPPIN’ JON $7.00, CARIBBEAN COD FRITTERS WITH SWEET AND SPICY SAUCE $6.50, a side of SAUTEED GREENS $5.OO, AND SWEET POTATO TOSTONES $5.OO My homegirl aka My Momma ordered an entree of SHRIMP COUNTRY CAPTAIN which is a variation of the Vegetable Country Captain when looking on the menu for $21.00 We both ordered the HOUSE BREWED SWEET MINT ICED TEA $2.00/each. For dessert we took home a slice of NETTA’S SOUR CREAM POUND CAKE $6.00 that we split between the two of us! 



When I tell you this food was delicious, this food was DE-LISH-OUS!  just thinking about the food while I type this review gave me the stank-you -know-you-wrong-for-cooking-such-delicious-food-face that is too ugly to be televised! Hmmmmmmmmmm! this meal definitely got my good-food-shoulder-bop stamp and seal of approval, which is hard to come by!  Yes Hunnti, if you are EVER ever ever in town, even if you aren’t in town make your way there. The portions of food were appropriate for the pricing, the flavors, sauces, and seasoning were just right, and I was full, I couldn’t finish all my food.








The Breakdown:

Now it was not perfection, hear me clearly but it was delicious! Nothing was over seasoned, the presentation was basic but the food spoke for itself!









sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Tostones: I ate this item first. It was delicious! the sweet potato medallions are paired with sour cream and green tomato relish… the toppings were an extra bonus, because the sweet potato was yummy without the topping but trust me, you’ll enjoy how the sour cream and relish play against one another along with your sweet potato. If I can just be frank with you without you judging me LOL

I almost licked the plate, but I remembered I was in public LOL  I am not exaggerating the entire meal of mine was delicious. 5/5 Stars




cod fritters

Caribean Cod Fritters: I personally thought there was too much fritter on my cod fritter but my mother liked it. The sweet and spicy sauce is everything it claims to be. I give the plate a 2/5 Stars because I never tasted the cod, I tasted breading but the sauce was scrumptious.  But I do understand someone else may love the dish more than me!





crispy hoppin jon

The Crispy Hoppin’ Jon: was DOA – dead on arrival! LOL i love hoppin jon recipes. I wouldn’t mind a bit more sauce or bean juice but it didn’t matter because the bowl didn’t last very long in my presence. the seasoning is juuuuuust right. 5/5 Stars






sauteed greens Sauteed Greens: looked delicious but I personally thought it was a little heavy on oil, maybe they used olive oil. but I ate it later on in the evening during round 2 which is only for leftovers and it was just fine! my mother really liked it and suggested I eat the greens with something else. Advice that she has literally given to me all my life, when I wouldn’t finish my dinner as a child. “Taneya if you don’t like something mix it with something else!” I was always last at the dinner table, I am a picky eater LOL 3/5 Stars




shrimp country captain

Shrimp County Captain: my mother ordered this entree. It was delicious. one word: CURRY! yes I know I know you can’t go wrong with curry.  It was delicious, I almost licked her plate too! I know I’m terrible!  5/5 Stars





table full

Netta’s Sour Cream Pound Cake: we took it home and it chilled for about an hour before we were ready to continue riding the Geechy Girl train…. one slice was enough for both of us to have a good serving. The slice they sent home and the icing was a good amount, but then again it’s 6 bucks so it should be a good amount. This cake was creamy and moist and the icing was delectable! 5/5 Stars




Now obviously it was my first time ever experiencing this restaurant and the food, but if the other items are anything like what I and my mother experienced that night, you won’t go wrong with what ever item you select from Geechy Girl Rice Cafe’s menu! The owner did come out and greet us and share a nice story with us and discuss her food for just a few minutes. And she obviously does that often because the patrons sitting at the window seemed very knowing and comfortable when she came to speak with them as well.

You won’t regret your experience at Geechee Girl Rice Cafe.



You might be asking “What is a Geechee Girl”?
Geechee is another term for the Gullah people who live in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia including both the coastal plain and the Sea Islands. They are Black/African Americans. The origin of the word have a few suggested sources…after the Ogeechee River near Savannah, Georgia; from Kissi, an ethnic group living in the border area between Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia or from a Creek Indian word. Because of geography, climate, and patterns of importation of enslaved Africans, the Gullah are known for preserving more of their African linguistic and cultural heritage than any other African-American community in the United States. The Lowcountry region was know for its rice production. African farmers from the “Rice Coast” brought skills for rice cultivation and the rice industry became very successful. Malaria and yellow fever kept many plantation owners away from the Lowcountry leaving their Black overseers in charge. The isolation from the mainland and little contact from whites fostered an environment where they developed a culture unique to America.

Bridging the Gap Between Daddy and Daughter #18962

the title is an exaggerated expression of how many times I feel that my father and I have attempted to repair and better our relationship. the truth is I’ve never kept count. just imagine if God kept count of my every transgression. but i digress 

my parents seem to be total opposites to me and growing up I saw my father in a negative light so any trait of him that I found in myself I denied as much as I could. So as I’m growing older and realizing certain things about myself that I repressed because I viewed them negatively, I now want to enjoy, pursue and bring closer to the surface… That being said I was really excited to better my relationship with my Dad, kind of pick his brain about more of who he is and see if we had more in common now that I’m reveling in more of this “other” side of me. So I decide to visit home.

To keep a long story short,  we didn’t see each other the entire time I was in his city. 

I’m disappointed, upset, frustrated, angry, and done with trying to get the answers I desire or effort from my father that would make me feel better. We did text while I was up there and I have a feeling that from his texts, I should probably stop expecting more from this relationship and move forward with my Daddy-desires that I personally believe have never been fulfilled. 

I guest its just time to move forward. I don’t even have the energy or desire to explain my wants and needs from this position and the fact that I obviously speak a different language than my father does. 


Life goes on. 

Dwan! Where Have You Been???

Simply put


My computer died, I had to purchase another one and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.. Having your computer die on you is like losing a pet or like accidental fire in your home! I mean once I realized she was dead and not just resting, I ran straight to the emergency room also known as the nearest Geek Squad to have her assessed and to receive a diagnosis of her debilitating condition. Come to find out, it was too late!

I’m still going through the grieving process while trying to build a new relationship with my new computer Petey.  Petey comes with the new Windows 8, if you’ve read any reviews on the Window 8, you can imagine the frustration I go through trying to build a rapport. ( I usually skip visual tutorials and just press buttons so I can get lost and work my way back to where I want to be, just like moving to a new city).

So that’s where I’ve been, out with the old and in with the new!  Everything happens for a reason.

I’m a Trip Advisor

I’m a Trip Advisor

It’s really not as official as it sounds. I’m definitely not a professional Trip Planner or Reviewer. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve processed and dwelled on how I can become a travel reviewer person. I actually may need to do that after my Doctoral Degree is finished. (I capitalize Doctoral Degree because it’s important to me.) But all I really want to do is travel and spread the word of my experiences.  I should have been an English Major, but then I probably wouldn’t think the way I do now.

But I have several reviews on this website and I’m highlighting M Bistro/Wine Bar in Richmond, Virginia. I had a fabulous time at this restaurant and the food was scrumptious!  Please check out my review, hit like if you liked it or helpful it is was helpful, that helps me a lot. The link is below.

Happy Sunday Everyone,


M bistro Collage

Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart ~ Quote Given to me by my Daddy

This is the conversation I’ve been waiting for my Daddy to have with me for some time now. (He’s actually on the phone now, so let me finish and I’ll get back to you)….Understand your opponent. Know that they’ve already failed at being perfect. Treasure what you enjoy and keep it moving once they’ve hurt you. These are some notes I took while my Dad was talking to me on the phone.

20 minutes later…

My Dad shared a good message with me. and it made me cry for 2 reasons: #One I’m not sure I can allow myself to love another pass the BS that comes with relationships and #Two I had almost given up on my Daddy being my Daddy.

Let me set the stage: Precedent: My Dad and I have always had a rocky relationship because of the relationship he had with my Mother. Further Down the Time Line: I verbally slayed my father and had wiped my hands clean of him because I was sooo mad with him and our relationship and how disappointed I was. Even Further Down the Time Line: Then during a sermon by my Pastor the one and only Pastor Dr Lance Watson of Saint Paul Baptist Church delivered a message that finally resonated with me that: I need to treasure the relationships (gifts) that are present in my life today. So I knew I shouldn’t give up on my Daddy but didn’t know how to improve the relationship. Things got better, then they didn’t and it seemed the same disappoint was resonating again, minus the verbal slaying. Jump to present day, I thought I was just going to have to accept the negative perception that I had of my Father. I felt like he felt he was done raising me, no longer could teach me anything and he was an “out-of-sight/out-of-mind” kind of Dad. My reasons for not giving up were somewhat selfish as well. I knew that my lack of success with relationships could possibly stem from several things but one being the lack of a relationship with him. (I’m not saying a poor relationship with your father affects everyone, but I felt like it was effecting me)

Boom! Lets jump to right now. I was on the phone with my Dad and I had a cold tone to me, I felt it and I’m sure he felt it, but he decided to carry on. He was about to get off the phone, but not before asking about the most recent “Boo”. To find out that the recent “Boo” was no longer privileged to be called my right now “Boo” but he had passed away with Black History Month. My Dad said “Don’t punish these guys because of me”. Me being stubborn I said “I’m not.” He almost got off the phone but I allowed myself the opportunity to go there with my Daddy and I feel truly blessed.

It warms my heart to just have a conversation with my Dad that allows me to still be a child and absorb the knowledge that my Dad is able to pass on. I never wanted to give up on that relationship, but I didn’t want to continuously be disappointed, I wanted better for us, but sometimes you have to know when to walk away. I’m very black or white. I know that I still have lessons to learn from my parents, at the tender age of 28. And it warmed my heart to know that this was the conversation I was waiting on, because I don’t want to be a bitter old woman, I don’t want to be the “Independent Woman” I know that it can be very beneficial and rewarding to find a mate and I always felt that my Daddy was the key to that happiness, in my personal situation.

Me and my Daddy really talked and he shared with me lessons on men and women, our differences and how not to let go of my standards but to change my perception and my expectations. What he said I already knew or had at least heard once before in my life, but it wasn’t just about the message, it was the messenger. I always believed that Dads would be the one to teach a girl how to deal with men and I didn’t think that my Dad had taught me that lesson, until now. I’m sure there will be many more conversations that I have about this topic with my father. To tell you the truth I’m not sure I knew that I needed him to tell me this message until he began to speak the words, I’m not even sure I knew to ask for it, but he knew what he needed to tell me, and what he needed to tell me was exactly what I needed to hear. I’m grateful.

My Dad asked me to marinate on the quote that he gave me which is also the title of this post. “Only a fool breaks his own heart”. Sadly enough I felt like I was doing that because I am afraid to trust. This conversation with my Pops tells me don’t be afraid but be free, allow yourself to enjoy all someone or something has to give and accept it as just that, joy. When the Joy ends, move on. I actually said this same idea to one of my besties on the phone this past weekend, but it sounded so much better coming from my Father.

Thanks Daddy

father and daughter

Sparking the world traveler in me…..

I’ve always wanted to travel the world. The desire was burning deep inside of me wayyyy wayyy way before I actually went anywhere. I did go to my father’s homeland of Jamaica when I was a young bombena but obviously I dont remember that trip. Technically speaking I’ve never been off the East Coast of the States up until this trip I’m going to tell you about. For my 28th birthday, I went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. When I tell you that I was beyond ecstatic about this trip. My Mother doesn’t know, but I can die a peaceful death now that I’ve been able to see something different from the United States. We went in early October of 2012. Mommy paid for the entire trip but I know that for two of us to go on the all-inclusive resort including plane tickets it cost just about $2000. I’m going to take my time posting pictures, but within a week, everything that I want to show you should be up. We stayed at the Majestic Colonial Resort from Thursday to Sunday. I’m currently dancing between the ideas of becoming a beach bum on the island of Dominican Republic or just increasing my income so that I can visit several islands that provide a similar experience. But I am a lover of sun and calm (emphasis on) CALM water.








I’m glad I went with my mother on my initial trip to the islands because there were so many things that I was unsure about and she’s traveled several places. The fees that come with traveling across the water, the scanning of international flights, etc etc. Plus my Mommy is my bestest friend so who else would I want to travel with, initially speaking! The resort was beautiful, the food was delicious, the staff were friendly, the water was beautiful, there was an abundance of activities, and my experience was pure delight. I did not enjoy myself because I was fresh out of Virginia, I enjoyed myself because there was no way to get there, stay there, than experience this island without having a good time. Food was endless, drinks were endless and ohhh soooo yummy. We were greeted with a drink that I cannot remember the name but it was scrumptious… Moms and I were hooked after our first sip, we ordered dozens of them for throughout the trip, with and without alcohol. (We aren’t heavy drinkers.) I spent hella money on things to remember my trip, photo album, key chain, pictures, painting, I also took a lot of nicnacs from the hotel. And I’m constantly dreaming about how soon I can get back to this beautiful island and experience it once again.







sooo yummy

The resort is located on the beach, so you have an option of pool or beach. We did experience the beach but the pool gave us the option of laying in the water and sun at the same (damn) time. If you go to the beach, people are walking past, the water changes with every tide, it’s just not convenient to lay around and catch the sun rays at the same time. We did not do any activities outside of the Resort but the price range for those events were from $$ to $$$. I absolutely enjoyed myself and I thank my Mother from the bottom of my heart for the experience. Please if you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to share. I’m posting hella pictures for your enjoyment and for me to remember all those good times.

Please enjoy