Dwan! Where Have You Been???

Simply put


My computer died, I had to purchase another one and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.. Having your computer die on you is like losing a pet or like accidental fire in your home! I mean once I realized she was dead and not just resting, I ran straight to the emergency room also known as the nearest Geek Squad to have her assessed and to receive a diagnosis of her debilitating condition. Come to find out, it was too late!

I’m still going through the grieving process while trying to build a new relationship with my new computer Petey.  Petey comes with the new Windows 8, if you’ve read any reviews on the Window 8, you can imagine the frustration I go through trying to build a rapport. ( I usually skip visual tutorials and just press buttons so I can get lost and work my way back to where I want to be, just like moving to a new city).

So that’s where I’ve been, out with the old and in with the new!  Everything happens for a reason.


Welcome to my site

Hey yall! I’m so excited to finally be posting and attaching my favorite things and some of my not-so-favorite things. I’ve been wanting to start this blog for a very long time and no matter what, even if no one reads this, I’ll continue on because I just have so much to say. So much to share.

Hopefully I can be helpful to some, confirmation for others and provoke thinking to those that dont. Just to clue to you in on me; I do a lot of reading, eating, haircare, possibly some beautification, I read the news a lot, and I’m going back to school for my Doctoral degree by 2014. I’ll probably post daily or at least weekly. You can go ahead and add me to your favorite’s toolbar because I’m here to stay bay-bee! I just want to talk 😀


Almost 2 years into my natural journey.

Almost 2 years into my natural journey.