Sparking the world traveler in me…..

I’ve always wanted to travel the world. The desire was burning deep inside of me wayyyy wayyy way before I actually went anywhere. I did go to my father’s homeland of Jamaica when I was a young bombena but obviously I dont remember that trip. Technically speaking I’ve never been off the East Coast of the States up until this trip I’m going to tell you about. For my 28th birthday, I went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. When I tell you that I was beyond ecstatic about this trip. My Mother doesn’t know, but I can die a peaceful death now that I’ve been able to see something different from the United States. We went in early October of 2012. Mommy paid for the entire trip but I know that for two of us to go on the all-inclusive resort including plane tickets it cost just about $2000. I’m going to take my time posting pictures, but within a week, everything that I want to show you should be up. We stayed at the Majestic Colonial Resort from Thursday to Sunday. I’m currently dancing between the ideas of becoming a beach bum on the island of Dominican Republic or just increasing my income so that I can visit several islands that provide a similar experience. But I am a lover of sun and calm (emphasis on) CALM water.








I’m glad I went with my mother on my initial trip to the islands because there were so many things that I was unsure about and she’s traveled several places. The fees that come with traveling across the water, the scanning of international flights, etc etc. Plus my Mommy is my bestest friend so who else would I want to travel with, initially speaking! The resort was beautiful, the food was delicious, the staff were friendly, the water was beautiful, there was an abundance of activities, and my experience was pure delight. I did not enjoy myself because I was fresh out of Virginia, I enjoyed myself because there was no way to get there, stay there, than experience this island without having a good time. Food was endless, drinks were endless and ohhh soooo yummy. We were greeted with a drink that I cannot remember the name but it was scrumptious… Moms and I were hooked after our first sip, we ordered dozens of them for throughout the trip, with and without alcohol. (We aren’t heavy drinkers.) I spent hella money on things to remember my trip, photo album, key chain, pictures, painting, I also took a lot of nicnacs from the hotel. And I’m constantly dreaming about how soon I can get back to this beautiful island and experience it once again.







sooo yummy

The resort is located on the beach, so you have an option of pool or beach. We did experience the beach but the pool gave us the option of laying in the water and sun at the same (damn) time. If you go to the beach, people are walking past, the water changes with every tide, it’s just not convenient to lay around and catch the sun rays at the same time. We did not do any activities outside of the Resort but the price range for those events were from $$ to $$$. I absolutely enjoyed myself and I thank my Mother from the bottom of my heart for the experience. Please if you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to share. I’m posting hella pictures for your enjoyment and for me to remember all those good times.

Please enjoy