Restaurant Review: Geechee Girl Rice Cafe, Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA

restaurantGeechee Girl Rice Cafe is a small quaint restaurant that has lots of character, comforting music, and a really warm atmosphere. I found this restaurant on the tizzzzzube (TV) while watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Chef Guy Fieri as the host. If you haven’t seen this show you are truly missing out or just go buy the book or visit the website. ( any hooo… So i was already planning to visit my family in Philadelphia at the end of the week, soooo obviously there was no question as to whether I was supposed to visit and experience this restaurant for myself and then share it with you.  OBVIOUSLY this is what the Lord had planned for me to do!

I grabbed my homegirl aka My Momma and after she got off work Thursday we popped in. Thursday evening around 6pm, visualize three people waiting for their take-out orders and only one group actually dining in. But let me add by the time we perused the menu and received our drinks the dinner rush began, so we just beat the evening dinner traffic.  So remember that they do accept reservations and if it’s too packed for your liking order it To Go!



geechy girls on the wall

Setting: the restaurant sits right inside the historic shopping area of Germantown where all the nifty shops are; eateries, pubs, retail stores, ice cream parlors, whatever you can think of… on-street parking is available, let me add the street material is cobblestone, so ladies be mindful when stepping out in your stilettos, some walking may be required if the space in front of the restaurant is taken. you’re welcome





window seat

There is a large picturesque window at the front of the restaurant that’s really nice to people-watch and brings great light into the restaurant and as the sun goes down it can be very nice environment to enjoy when you’re in one of those moods where you aren’t ready to go home but you’re not really trying to go out!  you feel? I know you do!  Walls are a great butterscotch warm burnt yellow-orange colour and there are nifty pictures on the wall of possible family members are more appropriately “geechy girls” as well as tribal printed cloth that is hung on the walls.  The individual  wooden table settings can accommodate one person to four people without manipulation easily, but of course they can accommodate a large party when necessary.  There was music playing and I want to say it was jazz or maybe an oldie but goodie like Anita Baker or Regina Belle type music playing.




Lets get down to the food!  Which you know is my FAVVVVVVVorite part!   dinner menu

They offer daily and weekly specials such as Fried Chicken Wednesdays. They cater and they offer brunch specials. This is definitely a 1-stop shop! they have homemade drink specials such as Peach Lemonade, Watermelon-lime agua fresca, the title alone quenches my thirst in this scorching summer heat!  So check out the website ( You’re Welcome!



I ordered a diverse array of “starters” because I don’t like to limit myself to one entree when I’m trying to get a feel of a new restaurant.  I ordered  CRISPY HOPPIN’ JON $7.00, CARIBBEAN COD FRITTERS WITH SWEET AND SPICY SAUCE $6.50, a side of SAUTEED GREENS $5.OO, AND SWEET POTATO TOSTONES $5.OO My homegirl aka My Momma ordered an entree of SHRIMP COUNTRY CAPTAIN which is a variation of the Vegetable Country Captain when looking on the menu for $21.00 We both ordered the HOUSE BREWED SWEET MINT ICED TEA $2.00/each. For dessert we took home a slice of NETTA’S SOUR CREAM POUND CAKE $6.00 that we split between the two of us! 



When I tell you this food was delicious, this food was DE-LISH-OUS!  just thinking about the food while I type this review gave me the stank-you -know-you-wrong-for-cooking-such-delicious-food-face that is too ugly to be televised! Hmmmmmmmmmm! this meal definitely got my good-food-shoulder-bop stamp and seal of approval, which is hard to come by!  Yes Hunnti, if you are EVER ever ever in town, even if you aren’t in town make your way there. The portions of food were appropriate for the pricing, the flavors, sauces, and seasoning were just right, and I was full, I couldn’t finish all my food.








The Breakdown:

Now it was not perfection, hear me clearly but it was delicious! Nothing was over seasoned, the presentation was basic but the food spoke for itself!









sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Tostones: I ate this item first. It was delicious! the sweet potato medallions are paired with sour cream and green tomato relish… the toppings were an extra bonus, because the sweet potato was yummy without the topping but trust me, you’ll enjoy how the sour cream and relish play against one another along with your sweet potato. If I can just be frank with you without you judging me LOL

I almost licked the plate, but I remembered I was in public LOL  I am not exaggerating the entire meal of mine was delicious. 5/5 Stars




cod fritters

Caribean Cod Fritters: I personally thought there was too much fritter on my cod fritter but my mother liked it. The sweet and spicy sauce is everything it claims to be. I give the plate a 2/5 Stars because I never tasted the cod, I tasted breading but the sauce was scrumptious.  But I do understand someone else may love the dish more than me!





crispy hoppin jon

The Crispy Hoppin’ Jon: was DOA – dead on arrival! LOL i love hoppin jon recipes. I wouldn’t mind a bit more sauce or bean juice but it didn’t matter because the bowl didn’t last very long in my presence. the seasoning is juuuuuust right. 5/5 Stars






sauteed greens Sauteed Greens: looked delicious but I personally thought it was a little heavy on oil, maybe they used olive oil. but I ate it later on in the evening during round 2 which is only for leftovers and it was just fine! my mother really liked it and suggested I eat the greens with something else. Advice that she has literally given to me all my life, when I wouldn’t finish my dinner as a child. “Taneya if you don’t like something mix it with something else!” I was always last at the dinner table, I am a picky eater LOL 3/5 Stars




shrimp country captain

Shrimp County Captain: my mother ordered this entree. It was delicious. one word: CURRY! yes I know I know you can’t go wrong with curry.  It was delicious, I almost licked her plate too! I know I’m terrible!  5/5 Stars





table full

Netta’s Sour Cream Pound Cake: we took it home and it chilled for about an hour before we were ready to continue riding the Geechy Girl train…. one slice was enough for both of us to have a good serving. The slice they sent home and the icing was a good amount, but then again it’s 6 bucks so it should be a good amount. This cake was creamy and moist and the icing was delectable! 5/5 Stars




Now obviously it was my first time ever experiencing this restaurant and the food, but if the other items are anything like what I and my mother experienced that night, you won’t go wrong with what ever item you select from Geechy Girl Rice Cafe’s menu! The owner did come out and greet us and share a nice story with us and discuss her food for just a few minutes. And she obviously does that often because the patrons sitting at the window seemed very knowing and comfortable when she came to speak with them as well.

You won’t regret your experience at Geechee Girl Rice Cafe.



You might be asking “What is a Geechee Girl”?
Geechee is another term for the Gullah people who live in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia including both the coastal plain and the Sea Islands. They are Black/African Americans. The origin of the word have a few suggested sources…after the Ogeechee River near Savannah, Georgia; from Kissi, an ethnic group living in the border area between Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia or from a Creek Indian word. Because of geography, climate, and patterns of importation of enslaved Africans, the Gullah are known for preserving more of their African linguistic and cultural heritage than any other African-American community in the United States. The Lowcountry region was know for its rice production. African farmers from the “Rice Coast” brought skills for rice cultivation and the rice industry became very successful. Malaria and yellow fever kept many plantation owners away from the Lowcountry leaving their Black overseers in charge. The isolation from the mainland and little contact from whites fostered an environment where they developed a culture unique to America.